Jamaican Slang


Irie (I-ree):  Means everything is alright. Expression of  feeling great and cool

Irie Bay:   Where Tampa Bay goes to get great Jamaican food and feel “irie”

What a gwan:  what is going on

Wey yu a say: what are you saying

Likkle more: later

Ackee:  The national fruit of Jamaica.  The ackee fruit is bright red. When ripe, it bursts opens to reveal three large black seeds and bright yellow flesh. The flesh of the ackee is popular as a breakfast food throughout Jamaica; when cooked it looks and tastes much like scrambled eggs and is usually served with “saltfish

Big up: This is a popular term for saying what’s up and a gesture of tribute

Gweh:   Go away

Nuff:   Plenty, too much, many, tons, a lot, ECT

Up de road:  just up the road

Pon the side:  on the side

Pear (peer)- Avocado.

Peas:  Beans. Rice an peas. (Rice and beans).

Pickney- Child, children, kids

Yaad- Yard, place of residence, house, home.

Tek mi a mi yaad. (Take me home.)

Mi baan a Jamaican Yardi. (I was born a Jamaican)


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